Friday, May 15, 2015

7 Silly Quotes From Obama's Gulf Allies Summit

And What They Really Mean

"I was told this was a six-nation summit, why are there eight of us here?"
Reuters reports that Barack Obama held a summit this Thursday at Camp David for the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council. (Okay, everyone reports it but Reuters gets the nod for the most usable quotes.) Why the US is hosting such an event let alone attending one is bizarre enough. What was said makes the event a true oil slick of political bilge.

To wit:

"President Barack Obama vowed on Thursday to back Gulf allies against any external attack."
Correct me if I'm wrong, but the only external attacks on the Middle East I can recall were by the US.

"Obama pledged that the United States would consider using military force to defend them."
So the promise is to BACK our Gulf Allies (is that oxymoronic or just moronic?), while the pledge is to CONSIDER military force. 'Guys, we got your back. You know...from back here.'

"Obama sought to strike a balance between trying to ease (Gulf Allies') fears about his diplomacy with Iran and squeezing the oil-rich states to work together more in their own defense."
Key phrase: 'squeezing the oil-rich states'.

"A summit joint statement showed the GCC states committing to develop a U.S.-assisted region-wide missile defense system, something Washington has long advocated."
A missile defense system that would funnel billions of tax dollars to Raytheon, Northrop Grumman and Lockhead Martin - with a few million ending up in our elected officials' pockets. A missile defense system that would take years to build so by the time it is ready to go Iran will be our ally, we'll be funding ISIS in their fight against an oil-hoarding Iraq who is using our weapons and training against us, and Israel, who will have convinced the US to design the system so it 'eliminates' any form of heat within the shrinking Palestinian borders, will be complaining about how the nukes they have aimed at Palestine are now in 'danger' of being neutralized by this missile defense system.

"I shake on NOTHING, do you hear me? NOTHING. Unless you are offering more weapons."
Meanwhile we'll have effectively disabled our own military air capabilities with this shield we built with $455,000,000,000 of taxpayer money so if we do decide to be actively hapless instead of passively hapless in our support we'll have to send in surface troops. And we've all seen how well that works.

"The White House said it does not want to see a nuclear arms race in the Middle East."
Which makes lifting sanctions against Iran perfectly rational.

"Obama seemed at one point to play down any non-nuclear threat from Iran."


"Iranian naval vessels fired warning shots over a Singapore-flagged vessel in international waters in the Gulf on Thursday."

Well at least things are going well in the South China Sea.

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