Where These Roads Went - Cambodia: Then                   If you are trying to find out the best way to get in and out of Cambodia, where to go, eat, sleep and buy souvenirs in Cambodia and generally how not to get lost or have your leg blown off by a land mine in Cambodia, then this is not the book you are looking for. While I did not get my leg blown off by a land mine in Cambodia myself, I would not be the guy you want telling you how to make it in and out without losing a limb. Or even your room key.

But if you want to garner a deeper sense, a meaningful understanding, some profound revelation as to what it’s like to be a wildly unprepared traveler in Cambodia, wondrous land of trash and little boys running around with no pants on, then this is exactly the book you are looking for. Check it out!


For Now: After the Quake - A Father's Journey

"A poignant and revealing account that I read two years to the date of the earthquake. That small detail adds to my sense of wonder, as Kevin Kato shares in an honest and emotional fashion a nearly inexplicable event. I am so thankful for his willingness to relive this experience, and highly recommend this book. Thank you Kevin for providing one glimpse of what happened two years ago today in prose that will remain within me for ages." 
                                                               -- Anna Scott Graham, novelist

Author Kevin Kato was living in Fukushima when the Great Tohoku Earthquake of March 11, 2011 struck. Four days later, just as life seemed to be returning to normal, the nuclear crisis began to unfold. This is Kevin's gripping, emotional account of getting his family to safety with the help and support of countless friends - and along the way finding out what kind of man he is.

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The Tunge Pit

'The Tunge Pit is an American tapestry with a common dark thread. It winds and twists revealing a hidden landscape of fear, paranoia, helplessness and raw emotion. It will show you things you didn't want to look at, yet you will not put it down.' ~~ Ron S. - New York City 

Jon Dolan reaches for his cell phone, unaware he's helping a complete stranger kill his wife.
So the sociopath waiting by the water will need to turn to a new victim.
Leaving behind an everyday object that will be the death of a drifter.
Forcing Kris to high-tail it out of town to save herself, which lands her in the middle of a stranger's deadly game of self-preservation.

The neighbors in the hills think they know something about Terrence - and turn their prejudice into prophecy. Reading the obituaries leads a budding con man to widowed Mrs. Danbury, her balcony garden and her desperate grip on her family. What the hell is tunge anyway? Carson asks Nicholas mockingly. The ugly answer, he'd soon learn, would involve him.

Twenty-four stories, each grounded in the last. Each with its own sordid ending. And a powderkeg plot that throws the reader into a world that doubles back on itself, shooting shreds of humanity like shrapnel in this never-ending tale of human fallibility. 


Greenland - The End of the World

Do tupilaks really harbor supernatural powers? Is there more than one way to spell 'Ittoqqoortoormiit'? And just why is sleeping in a tent in this icy, rainy land better than a beachfront hotel in Waikiki? These questions are only the tip of the iceberg of mysteries and surprises Damjan Koncnik uncovers over three expeditions to this island 'way up there.'

The quintessential everyday guy, Damjan Koncnik packs his bag and heads off into a world of solitude, uncertainty and immeasurable beauty.

Follow him as he explores this vast land, taking on thick fog and disappearing trails, rushing rivers and disappearing mountains and a cast of characters you won't soon forget.

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