Hi there. And welcome, whether you meant to find me or not.
In case this is your first time here let me officially introduce myself:

"Kevin Kato is an avid writer, incurable traveler and erstwhile peripatetic cyclist. Since completing an advanced education in the forensic sciences he has hiked, biked, boated and otherwise locomoted his way through forty countries across six continents, mostly in legal fashion. When he is not on the road Kevin lives and writes in his adopted home of Matsumoto, Japan."

Here is the honest version now, in easy-to-read form:
  • Kevin can be an extremely selfish person.
  • In the time it takes Kevin to type out an email to his mom most other writers can draft an entire novel.
  • Virtually all of Kevin's humor has been stolen and recycled.
  • Kevin is dumbfounded that he has not yet been offered nationwide syndication.
To meet me in person you would never believe that first one. My wife, however, can attest.

All Over the Road (formerly known as Travel. Write. Drink Plenty of Fluids) is a train wreck of stories of travel and life abroad, sarcastic commentary on things that bug me, and even more sarcastic commentary on things that bug me so much they amuse me. Read at your own risk; I can not refund you your time.

Mixed in are accounts of more serious topics, most notably the March 11, 2011 earthquake in Japan, an experience I will never be able to forget.

Mostly, though, it's good fun. Seriously!

IF YOU NOTICE, there are no ads here. Nor have I put up a box that says 'please feed me'. If I find out someday that such things increase readership then maybe I'll reconsider. For now, I'm happy to live off your input and feedback. If you really want to, though, you can BUY MY BOOKS ! They kick ass.

Like all train wrecks, AOtR has its appeal.

So gawk away, comfortable in knowing that you weren't riding in the seat next to me.