Sunday, July 14, 2013

I Am Full Of Knowledge


That post titleby the way, is meant not to brag about my extensive expertise on innumerable subjects but to merely point out that I am now writing for - this despite my self-appraisal as Full Of Something Else.

While I expect to be digging into the archives here once in a while to unabashedly beef up my content over at FoKn, you can feel confident, keen and caring reader, that I will not simply be cutting and pasting. Aside from the fact that certain Lords of the Web know how to find and punish such sloth, I find looking back that my writing has had a tendency to suck.

Okay that's a little harsh.

My writing has had a tendency to be as intelligible as my Japanese.

There, that's better.

So when I do bring my classic and dusty wit and wisdom to my new audience I will be editing and refining and splitting my long-winded posts into parts so my list of titles will be longer and it will look like I've been even harder at work than usual. I will not, however, be shutting down this blog. On the contrary, I will be cutting and pasting excerpts from there and sticking them here. Got to keep those Web Lords occupied.

FoKn, aside from providing a vast array of subject matter, aspires to publish only the highest-quality writing anyone will produce for no guaranteed compensation. Which means until they take a good look, I will be contributing in my own linguistically acrobatic way.

So please do head on over to Full Of Knowledge - and feel free to click those wonderful ads.