Sunday, July 28, 2013

How to Survive Your Kid's Summertime Birthday Party (as seen on Yahoo!)

The following is an intro to my debut as a contributing writer on Yahoo! With this I join the exclusive ranks of those who have been selected to have their literary genius brought to the masses. I think I'm number 608,773. Someone please pass the SEO.

8 Ways to Survive (one involving assaulting a watermelon)

If you are as poor a planner as I am, perhaps you have a child who was born in the dog days of summer. If you are as ambitious a parent as I pretend to be, maybe you're determined to weather the heat and humidity and have your kid's birthday party out in the yard. If so, I'd like to extend a few pointers I've picked up along my way that might help you too avoid a big day meltdown...

I don't expect to change the world. But if I can save the sanity of just one parent it will all be worth it. Though I'd rather get a few million hits.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Small-Town, Good Times: Floyd, Virginia

On the Music Trail - Floyd, VA

The great thing about traveling is, you never know what the road might lead to...

Thus begins my latest post over at Full Of Knowledge. For all you denizens of the Mid-Atlantic looking for a place to go to recharge the old batteries and maybe take in something new this summer, here is one suggestion. You may thank me at your leisure.

I Am Full Of Knowledge


That post titleby the way, is meant not to brag about my extensive expertise on innumerable subjects but to merely point out that I am now writing for - this despite my self-appraisal as Full Of Something Else.

While I expect to be digging into the archives here once in a while to unabashedly beef up my content over at FoKn, you can feel confident, keen and caring reader, that I will not simply be cutting and pasting. Aside from the fact that certain Lords of the Web know how to find and punish such sloth, I find looking back that my writing has had a tendency to suck.

Okay that's a little harsh.

My writing has had a tendency to be as intelligible as my Japanese.

There, that's better.

So when I do bring my classic and dusty wit and wisdom to my new audience I will be editing and refining and splitting my long-winded posts into parts so my list of titles will be longer and it will look like I've been even harder at work than usual. I will not, however, be shutting down this blog. On the contrary, I will be cutting and pasting excerpts from there and sticking them here. Got to keep those Web Lords occupied.

FoKn, aside from providing a vast array of subject matter, aspires to publish only the highest-quality writing anyone will produce for no guaranteed compensation. Which means until they take a good look, I will be contributing in my own linguistically acrobatic way.

So please do head on over to Full Of Knowledge - and feel free to click those wonderful ads.